I am constantly amazed and inspired by the creativity and effort poured into today's weddings and love creating timeless, natural, and romantic portraits for each unique couple. Clients enjoy the fashion and cinematic influences seen in my lifestyle images and embrace photography as a key element of the wedding day.

Photo by Ken Buck

Photo by Ken Buck


It took me years to settle on a single defining word to describe how I work, but it fits perfectly. My skills and abilities were gained through experience and are constantly improved upon. I obsess over details. I prefer customization and doing things by hand. I will work on something until it's right by my standards.

As a craftsman, I appreciate, surround myself with, and seek out well designed and well made tools, materials, and accessories made by other craftsmen. Everything is carefully evaluated and I'm always willing to pay extra for quality. Why is this important? We live in an age where more and more things are mass produced at low cost with little regard for quality and longevity, but there are some things that still require the skill of a caring craftsman.

As a photographer I scout, plan, and storyboard my sessions. Time is spent listening to what couples have planned so I can tailor the photography to each client's personality and preference. Images are custom post processed, prints are carefully retouched and enhanced, albums are individually designed. My Photoshop and Lightroom tools and techniques are all homegrown. It might take a little longer, but I do my absolute best to create great photographs. I am confidant that as you dedicate more time to planning, you will find that your wedding deserves the skill and attention of a craftsman.

Karl Ko Photography is based in the San Francisco Bay Area and photographs from Carmel to Sonoma Valley, and east to Livermore.  Travel requests outside this region are always welcome.